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By Jotunmachinery | 27 September 2019 | 0 Комментарии

How to install tank polishing machine?

Our machines are packaged after disassembly, so after the party customer receives the machine, installing the machine may become a more troublesome problem. So how do you install the machine?

The first step is installing the motor on the top of the column,next step is installing the column on the base to ensure the stability of the machine.Then the beam is mounted on the hanging plate of the column.When the beam is installed already,we need to install the motor on the hanging plate,this motor can drive the movement of the beam.

Next is to install the grinding head,this is easy to operate.After the machine is installed as a whole, it is the wiring and the installation of the air pipe.We have already marked the machine before it is disassembled, so it is very easy to do this by simply wiring the corresponding mark.

In general, our machines are not very difficult to install, we will try our best to reduce the difficulties customers encounter during the installation process.

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