Jotun Polishing Machine
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By Jotunmachinery | 06 December 2018 | 0 Комментарии

Preparation of machines before leaving the factory.

Usually our machines go through many steps when they leave the factory and transport them to customers.

The first step,when a machine is finished,We test the machine to make sure it is working properly and meets the customer's requirements.

Secondly,after negotiating with the customer,we will determine the time and port of cargo transportation.

The next step is disassembly,we will disassemble the machine and mark it where it needs to be installed, so that customers can be faster and more accurate when installing.

When the disassembly is finished,We will pack the disassembled parts. This can be customized according to customer requirements. If there is no special requirement or the distance is close, we generally use a combination of packaging cotton and packaging film.

In the end, what we need to pay attention to is the progress of the shipment of the goods and the notification of the customer to pick up the machine。

We are polishing machine manufacturer.we can make different polishing machine for many uses.

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